Aerial photography combined with Google Earth and Google Streetview will change listings.

Realtors are using Google Earth to highlight the properties attributes. First of all, Google Earth and Google Streetview are amazing tools that make exploring the world a little easier. However, Google Earth and Google Streetview were not developed to enhance Real Estate listings.
Most noteworthy, Google Earth was developed to explore geographical content. Therefore, Google Earth does not shoot the property at the correct angle. As a result, the vertical versus oblique angle offers more to the potential buyer’s point of view. While, vertical images are actually quite boring and do not provide justice for a home with great curb appeal. As a Result, Google Earth should be a very important tool for the drone photographer to plan the photo shoot.
Potential buyers want to get a feel of the neighbor. Google Streetview does offer views of the neighbor’s houses, but does not offer a feel of the overall neighborhood. Google Streetview does not allow the buyer a view of the back of the house or the interior of the home. The interior is where homeowners spend the majority of their time, not the front yard. Google Streetview is not staged, a lot photos have the garage doors are wide open, vehicles in the driveway and the yard may not be manicured for a photo shoot.

13745 North 93rd Way Scottsdale, Arizona from ArizonaFPV on Vimeo.


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Great listings are about great photo quality and first impressions. Do not let Google Streetview be the first impression to your potential buyer. Google Streetview is actually still images that are produced by accurate positioning. Google Earth displays satellite images of varying resolutions. Aerial photography drones have high definition cameras with wide-angle lenses and are designed for professional photography. A professional always chooses the correct tools. Potential buyers want a bird’s eyeview of the property not an astronauts view.