Should Realtors hire or purchase a drone? Realtors all over the world are utilizing drones for real estate marketing. 

Currently in the US  you need a FAA certification 333 to fly a drone for  real estate marketing purposes.  If you are considering purchasing a drone, practice, practice, practice. Then apply for an FAA approval.
Items to consider before purchasing a drone for real estate marketing.
A.) Cost and time, if you crash the drone you own it. Hiring an operator may save a lot of heartache and time.
B.) Editing time, the real cost of photography.
C. Have you added this service to your insurance policy? Rates vary widely!!!
Before you test your flying skills with a drone for real estate marketing. Purchase a drone simulator. A simulator will allow you to practice on a computer. Crashes on simulators are free of charge.
Safety; “Know before You Fly” is an educational campaign that provides prospective drone users with the information and guidance they need to fly safely and responsibly.

Real estate agents should attend a UAV boot camp or a drone training school in your location.


Join your local American Modelers Association, otherwise known as the AMA. The AMA is a national association of remote control airplane and helicopter enthusiast. There are chapters located all over the country with members that are willing to enhance your flying skills. Clink link below to find a club near you.






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