Should I do it myself with drones, if the answer is “YES” invest in drone training.

Drone training should be a considered for any Realtor operating drones. Safety for yourself and the people around you should be your motivation. Operating a drone definitely has a learning curve. Remote control flying requires specific skill sets. Some drone operators are naturals, they make it look easy. Other drone operators have spent many hours learning to hover. Not all drone operators start out on the same skill level. Practice and training will be prepare you for the real world and give you confidence to fly a drone.
Drone training will you address the following questions;
1. Do have complete control of the drone and understand that you are responsible and maybe liable for the flight?
2. Do you understand that people have been seriously injured or even killed by remote control devices?
3. Can you recognize how close is too close to a structure?
4. How much reaction time is required to avoid a crash into a structure?
5. Do you have the technical ability to inspect drone and detect any mechanical failures (Most drone operators crashes are mechanically related)?
6. Do you have the technical ability to listen to the drone and anticipate a mechanical failure?
7. Do you what to do if your battery pack catches on fire?
8. Do you what to do if you lose power during a flight?
9. Do you know what to do if you lose visual sight of the drone?
10. Do you have the flying skills to handle a sudden gust of wind?
11. Have you reviewed government regulations and passed testing required by your government?
12. Are you aware of the distance to the local airports, stadiums or hospitals?
13. Are you aware the “No Fly Zones” in your location?
14. Do you understand that you may be responsible for any invasion of privacy laws?
15. Do you know how to avoid trespassing or invading person privacy?
16. Do you what to do if you inadvertently capture a photo that invades someone’s privacy?
17. Have you checked with your insurance agent to check if your liability insurance will cover any accidents?
AUVSI projects more than $82 billion market and 100,000 jobs in the United States within 10 years once drones are flying under Federal Aviation Administration rules. Inman predicts that aerial photography will become another line item under the photos and virtual tour column when marketing a listing. Help the Drone Operators Team keep the skies safe. Learn to fly before operating a drone and pursue drone training.