Drones legal advice specific to real estate.

Research the law for your specific location. Laws and guidelines vary from country to country. Links are listed at side of website to CAA, CASA, FAA and Canada transport.
Drones legal advice varies from country to county and location to location. Commercial use versus hobby uses also varies from country to country.
Legal questions to consider before hiring an operator.
1. How high will you fly? Most countries have a restricted height of 400 feet.
2. Is there an airport nearby? Most countries have a restriction of 5 miles in place.
3. Are you close to a stadium, racetrack, national park, military base, most of these places have strict policies of flying around their property.
4. Is the operator going to notify local property owners?
5. Is the operator flying over private property or public property? Private property owners have a legal right of what is called an “expectation of privacy”
6. Are you flying over populated areas. This will significantly raise your risk of causing bodily injury.
The drone operators advisor team has  an attorney on our staff, but she is not your attorney. All legal consultation is specific to your case, consult with your attorney before flying commercially. Drone legal advice should always be specific to your situation. 

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as legal advice. Rather, this article merely reflects the views of its author. Please consult with an attorney to determine what, if any, legal requirements or restrictions apply to the use of drones in your area.