Drone photography rates for real estate?”

The three basic factors that determine drones photography rates used in real estate .
1. Time. The larger the property the more time that is spent in the pre-production planning for a drone photography rates used in real estate.
2. Talent and experience. The greater the talent and experience of the drone operator working on the listing, the better the listing will be. As with most things in business, talented and experienced people tend to cost more.
3. Tools. You can produce an aerial photography with a low cost drones. Or you can use a drone with a high-end camera attached to the drone. Other items to consider the post-production motion graphics and editing time.


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 Experience level examples of drone photography rates.
1. Weekend hobbyist, the “do-it-yourself or hire a buddy” approach. The operator is self-taught and has produced less than 10 videos. Owns an inexpensive drone with built-in 1080P camera ($500 to $1500) and has very little editing experience. The risk is that product may look amateurish. The benefit is low cost. Expected cost of the operator? Less than $150 or buy them dinner. Of course if the product is great, consider tipping the operator for future use.
2. Part-time operator, the “not my real job” approach. The operator has 3-5 years of experience as a remote control operator and has some photo editing knowledge. Has produced 10-25 high-definition videos, but has very little photography experience. Owns a commercial grade drone with HD camera attached ($1500 to $5000), but does not have has sophisticated editing equipment. The risk is the talent level and quality is variable and will commit very little time to the listing. The benefit is better quality and affordability. Expected cost of a 3-4 minute video $150 to $600.
3. Professional operator, the “I am a professional” approach. The operator has more than 5 years of experience as a remote control specialist and many years of photography experience. Has produced more than 25 videos and has a portfolio of videos. Owns at least one professional grade drone with interchangeable DSLR camera. Owns sophisticated editing equipment. The risk maybe more than what the realtor budgeted for advertising listing. The benefit will increase the likelihood of a content seller and better conversion ratio. Expected cost of a 3-4 minute video $500 to $2,000.
4. Professional operator team, the ‘we are professional’s” approach. The drone operator has more than 5 years of experience as a remote control specialist. The photographer has more than 5 years of experience in shooting and editing video with a professional portfolio. The drone operator owns several professional grade drones for exterior property shots; he also owns a smaller drone for interior shots. The photographer owns a professional grade camera for videotaping. The photographer owns a sophisticated editing equipment for enhanced motion graphics and providing the perfect thumbnail shot. The risk, there should not be any risk with this combination. The benefit is the team should be able to provide a listing that has a ‘WOW FACTOR” and create a buzz for your listing. Expected cost $1000 and above depending on the property.
How do these costs of drones used in photography compare to real estate photography budgets?
Real estate video costs vary significantly for real estate firms; we know that they vary across the country, with drone photography cost in New York being the priciest. The average cost of drones used in photography currently is 1% for the listing price.
Things to consider when negotiating a price for drones used in photography costs.
a. The extra cost (if any) spent to adequately market your listing pays off even after the sale. An additional benefit of drop-dead gorgeous drone videos is that you’ll be viewed as more professional and get more listings, hopefully with a higher price tag.
b. Improved conversion ratio, spend less time at showings and more time at closings.
c. Real estate video listings normally sell at a much higher price than standard still image photos.
Theses drones photography rates are to be considered as benchmarks. Drones used in real estate photography is a new industry and as with all new industries and technologies the prices typically drop as more consumers buy into the technology. The Real Estate industry has always been about “supply and demand”, the drone industry will be no different. It also will be subject to the “buyers and seller’s market” of the real estate industry.

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