Should you hire an operator or photographer? What qualities are required to produce real estate listings?

First of all, the answer to the 1st question is you should hire both an operator and a photographer. In addition, qualities of a great listing include interior and exterior videos. Due to, aerial photography provides a unique perspective. Furthermore, it is the creativity of the editing that will produce the best product.
Most of all, a operator has the skill set to fly drones. Also, they know the mechanical details and the flying skills of the drone. While, photographer’s have an eye to shoot the perfect angles, editing skills, camera operation skills.  

Required skills:

Professional’s strive to be the best in their field with creativity, ambition and passion for photography. As a result, They will not be looking for a shot; they will be looking for “THE SHOT”. Intensify your listings with “THE SHOT” in your thumbnail.
Since, the best quality is in the devil of the details. Numerous and countless hours of photography editing separates the amateur from a professional. Consequently, are you looking for mediocre photography or photography that will “INTENSIFY’ your listing?
Therefore, both must have amazing eye hand coordination.
Especially relevant, both must know their equipment inside and out. Seems like, many of potential great shots have been lost by the battery life of either the camera or the drone.
Most noteworthy, communication skills to listen to the realtor.