How to apply for for CAA (UK) approval to fly a drone if you need a permission, the following points are relevant:

The CAA approval needs to be renewed every 12 months (this is the same as for any other type of permission that the CAA grants). With regard to operator qualifications, in order to grant a permission, some proof of the operators’s overall airmanship skills and awareness and his/her ability to operate the drone safely will be required – this is not a ‘Civil Pilots Licence’, but it is an independent assessment of an individual’s knowledge and operating capabilities and is also a means for the CAA to ensure that everyone has at least the same basic knowledge.
CAP 722, Unmanned Aircraft System Operations in UK Airspace – Guidance, is intended to assist those who are involved in all aspects of the development of UAS to identify the route to certification, outline the methods by which permission for aerial work may be obtained and ensure that all requirements are met by the UAS industry. The document highlights the safety requirements that have to be met before a UAS is allowed to operate in the UK.




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