How to apply for CASA approval to fly a drone.

If you fly an drone, you are part of the aviation industry and have a number of responsibilities and regulatory requirements.
To apply for your Drone Operators Certificate (UOC), you have to develop the following manuals:
  1. Operations manual, including a risk assessment
  2. Flight manual
  3. Maintenance manual
You also have to fill out CASA Form 041.
C1: Please provide details indicating which aerial work activities you wish to undertake. Your operations manual will need to
provide guidance material for all activities sought.
C2: You must indicate the manufacturer, type class and the launch mass of the remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) you wish to
C3: You must provide particulars of area(s) which will require CASA approval in accordance with Part 101.030.
C5: Please provide details of your air operations facilities including items such as operational library, ability to obtain NOTAM
and weather information and flight planning capabilities. Also provide information about your maintenance facilities and
C8: Give details of the management structure and who reports to whom in all relevant areas of your intended organization.
Applicants are required to complete and submit ALL
parts for the application to be acceptable to CASA.
The completion of this application form is the first step
in the application process. On receipt of a completed
application form, CASA will calculate and send you an
estimate of the cost to process your application and any
additional information you must submit.
Should you wish to proceed, you will need to pay the
estimate and send any requested payments to the
Permission Application Centre


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