Listing’s should be “striking and memorable”?

First of all, a killer pose is significant to a great photo. Therefore, a model’s pose is what makes a picture striking and memorable. As a result, striking image’s will hold the audience attention. Also, real estate listings must be “striking and memorable”. Furthermore, listing’s must have visual weight. Another factor to consider, listing’s must create several focal points with varying degrees of visual weight.
Because, human eyes are always moving and fixating. Therefore,  photographers must guide the buyer’s attention. Especially relevant, human eyes are taking more visual information than our brains can consciously process. Hence, “selective attention” is the name of this scientific process.
Seems like, human society views more visual stimuli than any society in history. As a result, images are burnt into our minds thru numerous media outlets. Processing more images in a day than a person in the Middle Ages did in a lifetime. Consequently, images occupy an increasingly important place in our communication. Therefore, visual images almost all of our buying decision’s are influenced by visual images. Due to, images are the only “universal language” understood in all parts of the world.
While, words are forgotten. Much as, images stay in our mind. Human brains have limited capacity for processing media. Therefore, it is necessary to compete visually to engage buyer’s attention.  Because, we are a visually mediated society. 
Almost, all stunning photography captures the eye and hold the buyers attention. Most noteworthy, mundane listing are unnoticeable and insignificant. As a result, real estate listing’s need attract and guide the buyer with rhythm. Visual impulses are collected through eyes and then pass through the LGN on their way to the higher brain. Especially relevant, an image appears to your awareness. Finally, emotional attachment’s are branded into your memory. Furthermore, aerial video photography creates a human emotion.