Gone are the days real estate agents would rely on stand-alone images of a property to show off its best assets. 
Aerial drone photography supplies potential buyers a better visual image of the property. Check out the video by Household Photography based out of Nashville Tennessee. This video highlights the exterior of the property and the interior of the property. Most importantly the video sells a lifestyle in a way that static images cannot and will be an important tool for buyers working hard to find the best lifestyle for their budget.

1803 Ivy Crest Dr. Brentwood, TN from Household Photography on Vimeo.

What the consumer wants the consumer expects!!! Economics 101, the consumer will always take the path of least resistance. Top producing agents already know how to “INTENSIFY” their listings, sale the lifestyle and not just the house.


The first impression is the most important impression; real estate agents need to make it count. No matter how good the interior of the home looks, buyers have already judged the home thru your listing, before they walk through the door. You never have a second chance to make a first impression. “Be a closer not a seller; let the video help sale the property.”