Why women Realtors are embracing drone technology.

Technology has changed every industry and real estate will be no different. Women Realtors have recognized for years the importance of technology. Computers and the internet have already forced Realtors to change their techniques of selling homes. 

Let’s review why women are embracing drone technology. 
1. Studies show that women are more likely than men to purchase tables, laptops and smartphones– three out of the four top consumer electronics categories. Women tend to purchase more electronics when the electronics are used for communication. Drones communicate the features of the exterior property better than traditional real estate photography.
2. Ladies use the internet and social networking more than males. Ladies spend more time talking, sending text messages and FaceTime; they are almost the exclusive owners of internet-enabled readers; and they’re the fastest growing group of users on every social networking site with the exception of LinkedIn. Drone videos attract the most real estate related views on Youtube. 
3. Men list more homes for sale. Female REALTORS® put fewer homes on the market, but the ladies put their homes on the market for higher prices than the men. Homes sold with drone video technology are also selling a higher price than traditional real estate photography.

Houston Realtor takes real estate marketing to new heights with drones from Paul Takahashi on Vimeo.

Women buyers are typically the decision makers when comes to purchasing a new home. Now days, women rely on the Internet to gather information upfront, before contacting a real estate agent. Women are short on time, but still rely on an agent to guide them through the home purchasing process. Both females and males use the internet to educate themselves and narrow down their home search criteria. Ladies also love visualization and stories, not just features on a checklist, but things that really let them see value in their lives. The use of an drone aerial photography will give your listing a big advantage over the competition. All successful brokers and agents have learned how to find new, innovative ways to serve consumer needs for convenience and control. Economics 101, the consumer will always take the path of least resistance.