Some Realtors do not understand the laws of attraction. Why being attractive is important in today’s market. Real estate thumbnails will help your listings be more attractive.

A really good and clear real estate thumbnail can be the difference in people clicking on your Realtor listings and just scrolling right past them. Thumbnails, act as mini-marketing posters for your listing. Find a real estate thumbnails that is attractive, unique and sums up the listing. Show the best asset of the home in the thumbnail. The importance of first impressions cannot be emphasized enough. Photos sale homes, and no photo is more important than the thumbnail shot that will be associated with your home’s MLS listing.

Real Estate photography used to be a balance between artistic ability, technical skill, and equipment. Those things all still matter, but two new variables are making a huge impact on the way internet shoppers search today – volume and attention span. Realtors need to be aware of these two aspects.

So many Realtors and so little time to review them all the listings! Nobody has time to look at the hundreds of homes each day, so they do a quick search, filter down until they only have a few options, and start clicking thumbnails. Humans have amassed a whopping 3.5 trillion photos since the beginning. Even more interesting is that over 97% of all pictures ever, were taken after 2000.
Attention spans are getting shorter too – with so much information available, it’s easy to open ten tabs, glance over the listings, and forget they ever existed. In real estate photography, the Realtors thumbnail is your mini-advertisement. High vantage point thumbnails offer a unique perspective, and increase interest in your listing.

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The high vantage point of drone aerial photography has an advantage over still images. The high vantage point gives a wonderful sense of scale. Currently, 95% of all listings are taken at eye-level. Realtors need to break out of the mold, rise to greater heights. Demonstrate your ability to take a photo from this a typical perspective. Getting well above your normal line-of-sight will certainly give you a new perspective. A higher perspective gives buyer’s new angle that they would have never experienced before. Compare your listings against the competition, if they do not stand out to you, they will not stand out to the buyer. Look for a unique real estate thumbnail, one that stands out from the crowd. Do not look for a shot, look for “THE SHOT”.