Are you a new realtor looking for a niche and love the new drone real estate videos?

Drone photography may be the perfect niche for your business. Furthermore, Realtor niches are “a specialized market.” The more you specialize, the easier it will be to find clients or more importantly clients can find you. A niche will also help you to build a much stronger presence in your market. Every realtor needs a target market to serve. What is your target market?
Most of all, real estate is all about timing. Many real estate markets become over saturated with realtors when the market is hot, but a realtor who has branded a niche will really stand out and stand the test of time. The rate for new agents in the real estate profession is a very unfortunate statistic – as many as 60% of new agents leave the business within the first two years. With so many real estate agents out there today, it seems that just about anybody can sell a house – or at least they think they can. In order to be able to compete in this market, you have to differentiate yourself from the crowd. If anyone can sell a house, what makes you special? Set yourself apart from the competition.
Drone real estate photography is currently a wide open niche. Unlike the other highly contested real estate niches. There is not an uphill battle to fight. This niche will be highly saturated five years from now, be known a pioneer and an expert on this market.


Be known in your area as the realtor who lists homes that “jump off the page”. Create your brand; establish yourself as an expert in providing the best drone listing in your area. Team up with a drone operator in your area and start dominating the market. Be highly selective in choosing a drone operator, just like in the real estate market, where everyone thinks they can sale real estate. Drone operators will no different, every weekend hobbyist that owns a drone will think he can shoot professional videos. Finally, brand yourself and your operator as the most powerful real estate team in your market!!!