How to protect your realtor reputation. Don’t be the Realtor on the front page of your local paper.

If you decide to DIY with a drone, “Learn to fly first”. Week after week there are numerous articles where a novice operator’s who bought a drone and crashed it into a neighbor’s house, crowd, luxury car, “The White House”. Drones are sophisticated machines that are most often beyond the skill of most amateur operators. Most noteworthy aspect of a drone is the setting of a GPS “home point,” the place where the drone will automatically go if it loses touch with the operator. Especially relevant is that drones are capable of flying up to five miles or more.

Furthermore, purchase a drone simulator (crashes are free). Also, find a drone school near you. Another, great resource is your local AMA chapter or hobby store. Check with your local AMA club, the members of the club are great people and would love to teach you to fly. Consequently, the members of the club do not want you or their reputation hurt either. The members have just as much to lose by a drone crash being on the front page as you do. The flying fields of your local AMA clubs are designed for public safety. Places not to practice are crowded parks, neighborhoods, schools, power lines, stadiums, etc. Never fly alone without experienced operator. Check with your local airport for “No fly zones” or DJI’s link below.

The drone operator’s team believe that drones are going to change the real estate industry. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and will be the key to the success of the drone industry and your realtor reputation.

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