Why a Realtors cannot ignore drones.

HGTV directors are visual storytellers and communicate the home to its viewers. The power of television is certainly changing the way people purchase real estate. HGTV producers have influenced viewers in ways that printed media never could mostly with HD photography and drone aerial photography. Why does HGTV use drone aerial photography? No other filming method can start a sequence inside a building and end up at 400ft altitude in one uncut shot. Drone aerial photography allow viewers and a Realtor to build a better mental picture of the property. Realtors and drones are perfect marriage for real estate.
As a Realtor I would start watching TV with a more trained eye, you’ll see that HGTV and most TV advertising producers are using drone aerial photography.  “What grabbed your attention of that particular advertisement or HGTV show?”  Chances are it was due to the use of drone aerial photography! TV commercial directors and real estate TV directors have been especially quick to adopt the new technology, using drones to film commercials.
It is just a matter of time before buyers and sellers will demand drone aerial photography from a Realtor. It’s been dubbed “the HGTV effect.” People see the drone aerial photography on HGTV shows such as “Log Cabin Living,” “Dream Home,” “Caribbean Life” and “Love It or List It” – just to name a few – and they want what they see on TV.
Technology allows companies to stay relevant. More than ever today, home buyers are choosing a Realtor with technological knowledge more than any generation before them. Productivity comes from people and re-investing in new technology, not standing still.


Photo credit http://www.dronesofprey.com/