Realtors, are you easily distracted by drones? Stay on target and contact one of our team members today.

Are you a Realtor that gets easily distracted? Distractions are all around us, work, closings, children, family and church. Furthermore, the top sales professionals in any industry have a high level of focus. In addition, sales distractions are a part of being a top salesman. As a result, top producers have a solid routine and sales process. Most of all, routines are not the same it depends on a person’s personality. Especially relevant, what works for you may not work for the next salesperson.
The definition of realtor is; a person who acts as an agent for the sale and purchase of buildings and land; a real estate agent.  If purchasing a drone and editing software hinders your from prospecting process. The drone will have a negative effect on your sales numbers. Sales always have been and always will be a matter of priorities.


The drone operator’s team is not trying to talk you out of purchasing a drone. But, incorporating a drone will change your sales process. As a result, your sales process will need to have a backup plan when life is chaotic and you cannot perform the tedious requirements of aerial photography. Do not rush editing, the quality will suffer.
Is purchasing a drone worth your time? On average real estate agents earn more than real estate photographers. Our team members have many years of sales experience and we all agree the time management is an aspect that all highly successful sales people have mastered.
In conclusion, before a drone becomes a sales distraction. Call a local drone operator and negotiate a price.  Base the cost of your current marketing budget. You may be pleasantly surprised at the cost of aerial photography. Most of all, drone aerial photography is designed electrify the client’s attention and create a desire to view your listing.

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  1. Randy Phillips

    Drones are great for the outdoors but the 3D virtual tour is perfect for the inside.
    A picture is worth a thousand words but a 3D virtual tour is indescribable.

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