Virtual open house combines 3D photography and drone photography, hence a virtual walk thru.

Exterior photos with drone photography.

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First of all, virtual open house is the next best thing to being there. Seems like, everyone is extremely busy these days. If they can’t come to the open house bring the open house to them. Hence, drones allow a Realtor to sell the home and the neighborhood.  Almost, all of today’s homeowner buyer’s are not like the transitional buyer. Buyers do not want to spend half a day in your car looking at houses.

Therefore, save yourself money and focus less on mass marketing. Focus more on target marketing. Another, factor is that virtual open house will market the home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, we all know the Internet has serious scale. Real estate agents should compare the difference in value between a mass market and a target market strategy. Studies show that mass market distribution strategy is less effective than target marketing. Target marketing combined with video marketing is the future of the Internet. Marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best return on investment at rate of return of 52%. Due to, 70% of the marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium. When marketers include a video in an email. Click-through rates increase by 200% – 300%. Measure your results with Google analytics. Video marketing is the future of marketing. Marketing with video generates more traffic your website improving your SEO with Google, Yahoo, Bing and etc. YouTube reaches more 18-34 year old than any cable network.
Most of all, good videos capture the viewer’s attention quickly. Most noteworthy, you have 8 seconds to capture the viewers’ attention. Consequently, get to the point quickly and make a splash fast to retain your viewers. Thumbnails need to be eye catching and precise. Edit or delete clips that do not enhance the overall message of the real estate listing.

Social media videos stand out on social media. Give customers a virtual open house of the home without overwhelming them with text. In less than five minutes potential clients can get the information they need about the property. Because, Social media has transformed how the public makes purchasing decisions. Likes, comments and shares have given them the power to share their opinions and pass judgment on the things they approve and disapprove. Especially relevant, websites combined with video greatly improve SEO and give a company an advantage over their competition.

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Maybe, being prepared for the future home buyers and sellers is a wise decision. Probably, more than any other generation Millennials rely on each other. Since, they share opinions with friends to make more informed decisions. Due to, them having technology at their fingertips. Much as, Millennials have numerous platforms by which they communicate (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Furthermore, they know their voice has power—and they are wielding it. Finally, to say technology is a significant factor in how this generation communicates is an understatement. As a result, research suggests that this generations buying habits are no-fuss, quick and efficient. Uber supports how Millennials prefer to shop in a smart way. Also, Millennials are always looking a reason to engage. In conclusion, they usually have their own list and will need the agent’s experience for purchasing and closing.

Drone photos credit Brandon Malone, Sparta Tennessee

3D photography cridet Bill Carmack