Drone aerial photography combined with virtual photography will transform real estate marketing.

Virtual reality is impossible to describe to someone who hasn’t yet tried it. Is the Oculus Rift the beginning of the future of Real Estate?
Many who have describe it as among the most powerful experiences they’ve had, leaving a visceral and lasting impression they won’t soon forget.  Drone aerial photography is currently transforming the real estate market. We’re only scratching the surface of what will be accomplished with these two amazing technologies and the hardware is rapidly improving.
Samsung Gear VR | Thực tế ảo cho Bất động sản | VNi
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People recognize the speed of technological advancement is increasing at rapid pace. Millennials will grab the headset out of your hand. Older generations may be a little more hesitant, but wait until they put it on, you will see ‘a-ha’ moment.” A few years ago, if you only had 10 to 15 years left in your real-estate career you could ignore some of the changing world of technology. Now Realtors realize they are going to have to be first adopters of the technology.


Virtual open houses will save time and open up the international market. Foreign buyers will not have to fly across the ocean to check out a property. It can take a week to visit 25 houses in an urban setting, because of the traffic. If the property is occupied by a very high-profile person, a virtual open house will allow the client to experience the home without having to disturb the occupant. Owners of luxury homes only want buyers with legitimate interest in purchasing the home. Virtual open houses will boost the credibility of the home and the Realtor with the client and the owner.
Why will virtual real estate open houses are the future of Real Estate? The type of tours will open up the many more showings with a lot less time invested. It may be cool to use an iPad to spin around and look at the space. But a virtual open house will create a personal connection with home before the client actually steps into the home. When peripheral vision is included in video, it feels like you’re actually walking around the home. Virtual reality will soon impact every sphere of human endeavor and consumers will really demand this level of immersion to make a better-informed decision’s.
Real Estate 360 VR Photography by Viewport
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